About Us


GE has a vision to be the best lightweight concrete AAC in Indonesia.

GE lightweight concrete manufactured with International quality standards, using the best technology and human resources professional with an excellent track record.

GE factory located in Krian, East Java, is a manufacturer of the most advanced lightweight concrete in Indonesia, with a production capacity of up to 350,000 m3/year (1100 m3/day), GE became the largest manufacturer of lightweight concrete AAC in Indonesia. This ensures a lightweight concrete material supply certainty for contractors, customers and project owners.

GE has the most complete range of products for the wall charger, the floor structure and the structure-supporting walls. These components address the specific needs of the present, the increase in energy efficiency, resistance to fire, and the strength of construction.

GE offers a cost savings in the building due to the use of single material for finishing jobs both acrylic and cement based.