Grand Elephant AAC Block

Block the most complete range of products, providing design flexibility and architectural structures. In terms of dimensions, the most accurate GE, ensuring the consumption of thin bed of mortar and plaster is more efficient. Block-O
Lintel available in different sizes reinforced with a series of structural walls pembesian bearers.
Block U will be the used as the anchor beam circumference and horses. Formwork free and not have to wait for the drying process the beam, so the shorter construction time. Block-U
O block walls strengthened with conventional columns. Bracing column structure design or the practical field is required for areas at risk of earthquakes. Block-O

Grand Elephant Floor Panel

Quick and easy to do
  • Dimension accuracy ±2mm
  • Less compliment material than 'cast in situ'
  • Iron framework protected by anti-rust
  • Good thermal and voice insulation
  • Good fire resistance for more than 3 hours
  • Flat and perfect dry surface so ceramics can be assembled immediately.
  • Easy to cut as needed
  • Easy to mobilize in limited spaces
  • High density but light
  • Rational price
  • Tested, to fulfill international quality standard

GE Wall Panel